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Texan braves Alaskan waters!

10 меc назад

My cousin took the journey up north this last summer and took a cold water swim at Columbia Glacier. Proud of him taking the plunge!

Halibut Story

1 лет назад

Sleeping to catch the big one!

Salmon Shark Pass By

2 лет назад

High Speed video of Salmon Sharks at Ravencroft Lodge. www.alaskasharks.com.

Diving and Snorkeling with Eagle

2 лет назад

There's a rare opportunity to swim with Eagle's in predation mode during the spring time in a remote bay in Alaska. Most snorkelers are amazed at how close ...

SELF GUIDED Fishing Alaska Lodge

2 лет назад

At Ravencroft Lodge in Prince William Sound, there are 4 species of Salmon that migrate there in the summer. But the most targeted species is the Silver (Coho) ...

GoPro Trolling view salmon fishing FIGHT

2 лет назад

Trolling for Silver Salmon at Ravencroft Lodge in Alaska. First view is hookless lures just try out the GoPro. Second lure is hooked and thats when the action ...

Diving INTO Massive Jellyfish Bloom in Alaska

2 лет назад

Jumping into a "smack" of moon jellyfish in Prince William Sound, Alaska. With Ravencroft Lodge and www.alaskasharks.com.

Behind the scenes SHARK WEEK (salmon shark)

3 лет назад

Filming Alaska's Salmon Shark in Port Fidaglo at Ravencroft Lodge. Several sharks circling the boats, just had to decide which one to go after.

Snorkel with Salmon Shark

3 лет назад

Snorkeling with a salmon shark with alaskasharks.com.

Alaska herring bait ball (salmon and ducks feeding topside)

3 лет назад

Coho Salmon and ducks chasing bait balls in Alaska.

Filming Salmon Sharks with Underwater Drone ROV

3 лет назад

Filming salmon sharks with a underwater drone or ROV. The sharks were very curious about it and kept swimming close to the little drone.

Alaskan bear hunting in Prince William Sound

3 лет назад

Self-Guided Black Bear Hunting in Alaska in Prince William Sound. Groups and friends will enjoy accomodations and new skiffs at Ravencroft Lodge.

Alaskan Self-Guided Salmon and Halibut Fishing

4 лет назад

Self-guided fishing in Alaska at Ravencroft Lodge. Catch salmon, halibut, rockfish and other bottom fish. Located in Prince William Sound.

Swimming with Salmon Sharks in Alaska!

4 лет назад

Diving with Shark in Alaska? Yes, there are sharks in Alaska and they look closely related to their cousin, the Great White. You'll find them feeding on salmon ...

Alaska wildlife photo tours of bears, whales and more!

4 лет назад

Wildlife photography tours in Alaska.

Slow Mo Silver Salmon in Alaska

4 лет назад

Jumping silver salmon caught at just the right moment. Slow motion using the Sony FS700. Filmed at Ravencroft Lodge in Alaska.

SLOW-MO of Alaska Salmon Shark!

4 лет назад

Salmon Shark cruising Port Fidalgo, enjoying a free meal. Extreme close up of a large shark coming back to back to feed on bait. Although skittish, using the ...

VSheli May2014

4 лет назад

DJI Phantom FC40 - First flight SLOW MOTION

4 лет назад

First flight with the Phantom FC40. Filmed with a FS700. Post in FCPX. Music - Audiomachine, "Lost Empire".

Air Time

4 лет назад

Teaser trailer for a video documenting my son's first year. He was born at 23 weeks and spent 6 months in the Little Rock NICU. It was a very emotional time with ...

Snorkeling with Salmon Sharks in Alaska! LOTS of shark footage!

5 лет назад

WWW.ALASKASHARKS.COM Here's some footage of the elusive salmon sharks in Alaska. Although timing is everything with these sharks, you can find them ...